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In the U.S.A stroke is the major reason for disabilities and holding 5th position in causing deaths. For every 4 minutes, someone suffers from it and it occurs every 40 seconds. Approximately 8 lacs people suffer from stroke every year.
What is a Brain Stroke
What is a Brain Stroke

What is a Brain Stroke

A stroke is an attack on the brain cells. The blood flow to the cells in brain stops and this condition leads to a lack of oxygen to the blood cells. Hence the blood cells die and the functions relating to the brain cells also stop. This causes memory loss and muscle loss occurs. Treating and recovery of stroke usually depend upon the place it occurs. Some person can affect largely by the stroke and lead to paralyzation of hands and legs. Even they cannot talk as the mouth functions stop. Some person might even have little effect and they can soon recover with small weakness. 2/3 of the people can suffer from disabilities, however, most of the people can recover.
Brain Stroke can be classified into three types.

Brain Stroke can be classified into three types.

  1. Ischemic stroke: This stroke occurs when a blood vessel that carries blood gets blocked due to a blood clot. Blood clot creates a blockage to the blood flow thus stops it flowing through the brain. Almost 87% of strokes are ischemic strokes. These strokes can occur due to heavy blood pressure. This stroke can occur in two types as Embolic stroke and Thrombotic stroke
  2. Hemorrhagic stroke: This type of stroke occurs when a blood vessel bursts in your brain and causes leakage. Although the stroke is more serious condition is less likely when compared to Ischemic stroke. People having uncontrolled blood pressure might have the odds to develop this stroke. Also who takes blood thinner might experience this condition. 
  3. Another condition is known as TIA which means Transient Ischemic Attack.  People who experience this type of attack have a mini-stroke effect as the blood flow blocks temporarily. The condition is not serious and has no complications of major or permanent brain damage. However, it has a danger of causing full stroke in the future.
Causes of  Brain Stroke
  1. Diabetes:   The chance of occurring of brain stroke increases for people having high blood pressure condition. Lowering of sugar levels is a prerequisite for the people as this might help in lowering strokes. The damage is major when the person gets a stroke when they have high blood sugar levels. One more important factor for the strokes is overweight. 
  2. Smoking:   Stroke attack is more likely with the habit of smoking tobacco particularly. Tobacco contains a harmful substance naming Nicotine. It has the capacity for higher blood levels. Also, cigarette smoking leads to stroke as it builds fatty substance in the neck artery. Moreover, it thickens blood and hence produces more clots. 
  3. Heart issues:  Heart valves which are weak or atrial fibrillation can cause strokes. Irregular heartbeat also leads to strokes. The reason almost a quarter of adults suffer is this disease. It also causes clogged arteries. 
  4. Hypertension:   The major cause for brain attack is hypertension i.e., high blood pressure. This condition occurs when blood levels go generally higher than the usual. If you have more levels, it is crucial to lowering levels as this can lead to serious complications
  5. Age and gender also come into consideration when the consideration: The more the person gets aged, the chances become higher. Not only aged people get strokes, but there are also chances even babies can suffer from it. Coming to the gender, the women are less likely compared to the men. Men will have more chances of attacks. Even the women have the chance to get a stroke as they age and that strokes are more dangerous. They might or might not recover from them
  6. Atherosclerosis: This condition hardens arteries. Arteries will get blocked with hard substances of calcium, fat, cholesterol builds etc. This blockage can lead to less flow of blood. This can cause a blood clot and hence leading to ischemic stroke
  7. Heavy use of alcohol and consuming poor food can also lead to strokes: Food and exercise are the two vital things in maintaining a healthy life. Not caring about these two and living a poor lifestyle is the tone of the major cause for strokes. Having a little or no exercise might also lead to a stroke.
  8. Other causes of stroke might include hereditary reasons: If your family member suffered from a stroke before, then chances are high for you even. Even the stroke depends on race also. African American are more likely to experience strokes than other parts of America.
  9. Overweight is another major cause of stroke: Having a poor diet can lead to overweight. Track down your weight. If your weight is more than you generally require, then you are overweight. Control long weight is crucial for lowering glucose levels. Overweight might lead to high chances of stroke. Not only stroke but also heart disease and diabetes. Monitoring weight is the major thing to stop any type of disease including strokes.

Impact of stroke on women

A woman every year are experiencing ng the third place for death due to strokes whereas men are suffering 5th place for strokes. 

Risk factors of women include 

  1. Pregnancy: Pregnancy is one of the main reason for increasing strokes in women due to changes in hormones that take place during this stage. Changes in hormones result in high blood pressure and the chance of strokes.
  2. Hormone replacement therapy: this might cause strokes in women. If a person undergoes this therapy chances of stroke are high.
  3. Migraines are another reason for strokes: In the U.S.A, mostly women are suffering from migraines. Migraines increase two and a half times the risk of a stroke and another major important factor causing strokes in women is birth control pills. 

Impact of strokes on children

Not only the adults will have a chance of getting a stroke, but a child or a teenager or even a toddler can also suffer from a stroke. In the first year of a kid, the risk of the stroke is usually high. Anywhere the gap between before birth and immediately after birth, the stroke might occur. In children, it might cause death.
Treatment of  Brain Stroke

Treatment of  Brain Stroke

As the children and newborn do not communicate properly the doctors cannot identify stroke symptoms. This leads to poor treatment and loss of children. However some of the symptoms in newborns and infants include extreme sleepiness, they cannot use another side of the body and can use only one side. Whereas the parents and doctors must look up for following symptoms for children and teen. The children might suffer from sickness and vomiting. They might also experience heavy sleep and losing balance. Headache is another symptom to monitor.

Coming to the impact on young adults, the number of young adults who got hospitalized due to stroke increased by 44% in the last decade. Approximately young adults suffer from 15% of ischemic strokes. As their age is small the impact of stroke is large and effects their lifestyle and huge loss of salary and earnings.
Symptoms of Brain Stroke
Generally, the persons with strokes feel dizziness. Als,o, they suffer from weakness, and numbness specifically on a particular side of the body. Warning signs of strokes can also include confusion or the person might also experience a severe headache. Even the person might have seeing issues and to swallow issues. It might be difficult to speak and walk. Whenever the person has the above symptoms rush to the hospital immediately as the treatment is important to the patient. The time is the major factor during a stroke. When a stroke occurs the oxygen in the blood vessels gets depriving and the blood cells stars to die within in minutes. The drugs to stop brain damage shall give below 4hours. Once the brain cells damage, disabilities lifelong can occur. So it is important to notice the time. 
A silent stroke is another type of condition that occurs without any symptoms. It is difficult to detect this type of stroke. A person can have long term damage to the brain and might cause slight problems of memory loss and moving around. This is unknown until a brain is scanned.

By F.A.S.T test one can easily identify the symptoms of a stroke

Face. The face of the person on one side can drift down when they smile. This is the condition a person can have. While the other thing is 
Arms. Arms might fall down on one side and unable to raise. 
Speech. Speaking slur words or repetition of a sentence. The person can have stroke symptoms
Time. Time is very crucial during a stroke. Call emergency and treat him as fast as possible.
Prevention of Brain Stroke

Prevention of Brain Stroke

  1. A good diet including fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables and good carbohydrates, whole grains are good for your body. They remove bad cholesterol and adds the essential cholesterol required by your body and prepares your body to lose those extra pounds. Shedding those pounds is makes your body to lower the blood levels and maintain the sugar in the blood. Avoid saturated fats and bad carbohydrates. Avoid sugar and salty foods. Fried and preserved foods lack in nutrition levels and contain deposits of bad carbohydrates. Running along with a good diet plan can enhance your overall health and tones you up physically. A firm body is less likely to a physical disease comparing to a poor lean body.
  2. Quit smoking if you are already doing it. Smoking can cause high bp levels which in turn has created brain strokes. So quit it immediately and make sure to take proper medication on high blood pressure. Keep track if your glucose levels
  3. Always watch your cholesterol as it can cause you overweight. Keep track of your food and always consume according to the need of calories. Do not take excess calories as it might lead to overweight or obesity.

Diagnosis and treatment of Brain Stroke

Diagnosing the stroke is examining the stroke location, where exactly the stroke is, what extent is the damage of the brain. A ct scan is necessary to identify the type of stroke. There are usually two types of strokes. One stroke can cause blockage and the other causes leakage. Identifying whether the stroke came from a blocked vessel or it came from a bleeding vessel is necessary. Some other tests along with ct scan will reveal the location and type of stroke
The treatment of the stroke involves a clot-busting drug in case of an ischemic stroke. This removes a blood clot and normalizes the blood flow blocked in the vessel. But this drug must be given 4 hours before the brain cells stop receiving oxygen and start to die.  Whereas the treatment for hemorrhagic strokes is more difficult. Doctors might attempt to control brain swelling and bleeding. Also, they try to control high blood pressure levels.

Stroke Rehab: speech therapy

The rehabilitation therapy supports the patient by gaining lost skills and giving independence for the people who have speech problems. They help in enhancing speech,  and language. The therapist might help you in swallowing issues also.

Stroke Rehab: physical therapy

The person after a stroke is incapable of holding things, doing regular activities as their muscle tend to become weak. They also lose balance when they try to do little activities. Adding strength to the body and trying to gain back the coordination to do daily activities is the main aim of this therapy.

Stroke Rehab: talk therapy

After a stroke a person might lose their sense to talk and unable to express emotions such as anger, sadness etc. They might effect from depression in this stage. The psychologist might explain the strategies to tackle emotions and handle depression. 

Medication for Brain Stroke

The doctor might suggest the drugs that keep blood from clotting if a person has a serious complication of stroke. Also, he might prescribe drugs of lowering sugar levels.
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