Yoga for Brain Stroke » Regain Balance & Postural Stability

Yoga for Brain Stroke » Regain Balance & Postural Stability
Yoga for Brain Stroke » Regain Balance & Postural Stability

Brain Stroke

Brain Stroke is also known as Stroke in common. It is one type of attack in the brain. Actually when blood doesn’t flow to any part of the brain, then this attack happens. It is very dangerous and can attack at any age and to any people.
When due to some problem the flow of blood to any part of brain cuts off, that time the brain cells don’t get enough amount of oxygen and starts to die which shows red signal to the human brain. It depends on the part of the brain which got attack or stroke. The damage or stroke in the brain also causes harm which ultimately lead to loss of bodily function. It has been found that a small stroke is less harmful as compared to the large one. In a small attack, the patient will get a headache, body weakness as a complication whereas, in a large stroke, the patient will get paralyzed and even die too. Every year about 7lakh to 8lakh people die due to stroke.

Today we are going to discuss some tips about how yoga will act as a benefit for people having attack or stroke. 

Yoga for Brain Stroke:

First of all never underestimate yoga as it is the strongest power in curing any type of condition. Just start it with confidence and timely schedule. Yoga is recommended for almost all type of diseases. It is absolutely true that you should do yoga with consulting your doctor. There are some such types of yogas which gives a negative impact on the body if you are a patient having some illness. Hence before starting, you should consult your doctor once. 

Yoga is considered helpful for all types of prolonged diseases as well as Brain stroke. It usually keeps our body and mind stress-free and healthy. There exists some valid reasons through which you will get to know that it plays main role for the recovery of brain stroke.
  1. By tradition, stroke convalescence rehabilitation was much poor, there were (only) a few chances for recovery and a few people only have the chances to exoneration after repossession.  And to get rid of that, the department of health care community decided to take a validate solution about this and gave significance to yoga and exercise as the antidote of stroke and attack.
  2. Yoga helps for Renovation of our brain. Yoga is tonic for the recovery procedure of attack or brain stroke due to passionate attention. While doing yoga, its every crusade is very thoughtful and careful and that additional enticement helps to activate your brain more quickly. After that regular and proper exercise keeps our brain motivated and healthy this definitely leads to the positive thinking of brain stroke. 
  3. Physical activities like exercise and yoga proved that it not only reduces the chances of getting a stroke but also helps to re-claim function even after a stroke.
  4. Everyday yoga helps to reduce the attack of the brain and it keeps the balance of the body, Strength, sort of signs, stamina, and patience.
  5. After having a stroke, it’s sometimes not safe for different awkward postures and movements of yoga which you have to give importance and take instructions from your Yoga master or doctor. 
  6. Breathing in a proper way is the main requirement of an exercise. But for stroke fighters it’s not easy to breathe in a proper way because it needs more effort to do that, hence the maximum time it points to an accidental mistake while doing yoga. Furthermore, survivors have to do it slowly and comfortably that they can’t feel any difficulty while performing the exercise. In one movement or posture, you have to inhale and in the other posture or movement, you have to exhale. 

What Are the Procedures to Do Yoga for Brain Stroke?

This perceptive yoga and exercises for brain stroke survivors will help in memory improvement and increase the skill of solving problems and decisions. In addition with if you have experienced the stroke before, then it is very much essential for mental recovery and additional prominence is habitually retained on physical repossession. Intellectual exercises and yoga’s helps to sharpen and improve your memory and thinking power.
What Are the Procedures to Do Yoga for Brain Stroke?

  1. Mental Rewiring: Hereafter stroke experience, our brain starts to form new neural passageways for strengthening brain tissues and skills. If you practice mental exercises more and more, you will get amazing benefits which will improve your skills.r
  2. Constant Therapy: It is an app which is specially intended for stroke gaining patients. This therapy consists of different languages and mental exercises which help to rewire or renovate the brain after the attack.
  3. Tactus Therapy: Through this one can give additional importance to Aphasia. It is commonly used for speech improvement after brain stroke.
  4. Lumosity: it is also a training app for mental workouts. It consists of approximately 65+ cerebral movements through which you can entertain yourself by playing games beneficial to strengthening your brain tissues and brain cells.
  5. Aura: This is an amazing app through which you will discover new workouts and exercises every day. It helps to improve brain function, meditation, cerebral movements, skill improvement, information dispensation etc.
  6. Board games: You should try board games frequently as this is much simple and easily available and playable with anyone. These can assist as outstanding cognitive exercise. This can stimulate and function your brain more effectively.
  7. Music therapy: It is an excellent way of keeping your brain activated and amusement. It sounds crazy, but it really helps to progress the mental and cerebral functions of brain to great extent after experiencing brain stroke. This happens due to music occupies several areas of our brain, which tends to work out for our brain. With a constant mood, you can enjoy it with your own choice. It doesn’t need any physical movement or workout. 2
  8. Acupuncture: It helps to improve the circulation of blood in the brain. It is also found advantageous for retrieval of indications like a problem in speech, weakness of muscles etc. this therapy is reflected as one of the best, safe and traditional cure especially for brain stroke experiencing patients, but it will be better before starting any type of remedies, you should consult your doctor.
  9. Puzzle games: Puzzles are also known as brain teaser games which will work your brain in a nominal way. Puzzles include crossword puzzle games, Sudoku, word makers, word searches etc. are superb intellectual exercise puzzle games for stroke fighters. Yeah, they are somehow challenging and infuriating but with more and more practice you will start enjoying the game besides it helps kfor mental exercise of your brain.
  10. Painting can be act as Therapy: Painting and Creativity also can act as yoga for Brain stroke fighters. It has its valid reason too. Our right side brain is responsible for creative work like painting, stonework, paperwork, cloth work etc. its person’s own creativity and engaging through this proved beneficial for our brain. It helps our brain to engross it in numerous things.
  11. Core Exercise: This exercise is meant for facial muscles and limbs. Deprive of a strong core, the rest part of the body might agonize. By separating and stimulating core muscles, stroke fighters can graft to recover harmonization and strength which will beneficial for their whole body.
  12. Arm Exercise: When a person gets attack or stroke in the brain, then after that it creates many complications related to the body. Arm movement is one of them and to get relax and movement of arms with flexibility, you should do some arm exercises daily.
  13. Shoulder Exercise: Clutching and liberating of various objects, weight supporting by arms, movement of arms tend to the strength of shoulder in everyday movements. Hence yoga of shoulder helps to the quick recovery of brain stroke.
  14. Leg Exercise: Due to stroke, you will feel difficulties in your leg. As stroke is responsible for balancing complications, one may feel discomfort and pain while walking and constantly standing. To get rid of this type of complications, you should try some of the best leg movement exercises like walking, jumping, running etc., and then only you can recover leg muscles and improve motion.
  15. Hand Exercise: There are some hand exercises which will deliberately help you after stroke.
  16. Palm Up and Down: It’s a very simple yoga. Here you can place your palm in an upward direction and try to flip your one palm over another. Do this 10 - 15 times for better results. This will flexible your hand for movement.
  17. Wrist Bend Movement: Bend your affected wrist with another in a circular motion; stretch it forward and backward in the same time interval. Do this 7 - 10 times. This will help to supple your wrist.
  18. Side Movement of Wrist: Here you can place your palm down on the table. Then start your affected wrist to bend towards left and right by your non-affected hand. Repeat this pose for 7 - 10 times.
  19. Rolling Movement of Palm: First of all keep your affected palm on the table and hold a rolling object like a water bottle, and try to hold and release it. This will function your fingers as well as palm. Repeat this exercise for 7 – 8 times.
  20. Twisting of Wrist: In this exercise, hold a water bottle in your affected hand and hold your affected wrist by the non-affected one. Then try to twist up and down your palm. Do this for 7 – 9 times for better result.
  21. Curling of fingers: Here you keep your affected hand’s elbow on the table like your palm will stay upward, and try to curl each finger’s tip to touch one by one to the tip of the thumb and then release. It will be shown as a circle. Repeat this procedure for about 5 – 6 times. It will stretch your finger and will make it flexible and movable. 
  22. Yoga NidraIt is one type of meditation which gives relaxation to the brain and offers a prospect to contemplate evidently and endorses refreshment of mind and better sleep which in turn results in anticipation of attack or strokes. More the way insufficient sleep and stressful mind is merely connected with various strokes in the brain, hence by doing yoga nidra on a regular basis provides meditation, better sleep, relaxation, stress management and protects us from a stroke.
  23. PranayamaIt is another type of meditation which altogether helps to inhibit attack or brain stroke and speed up the recovery process of stroke if it is done on a regular basis. It reliefs in evolving nutriment and refreshment of mind. Pranayama is nothing but it is a pure exercise of breathing. Through this inhaling, more amount of oxygen supports our brain tissues and gets activated There are some pranayama’s which are specially meant for stroke anticipation. These consists of Bhramari Pranayama (Humming Bee Breathing), Nostril Breathing (Anuloma Biloma Pranayama), and Cool Breathing (Sheetali Pranayama) etc.
  24. AsanaDoing asanas every day supports for the balance of body, maintains a posture of the body with flexibility in mind, manages the pressure in mind etc. These all activities vastly help for prevention of brain stroke. These are proved so much beneficial for enlightening the muscular strength of body as well as the brain. There are some such asanas which are greatly recommended for stroke survivors. These are Makarasana (Crocodile Pose), Savasana (Corpse Pose), Dandasana (Staff Pose), Tadasana (Mountain pose), Markatasana (Monkey Pose), Veerabhadrasana (Warrior pose) etc. especially for the beginners. And there are some other asanas which are especially for practiced or experienced people are Utkatasana (Chair Pose), Trikonasana (Triangle pose), Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand pose), Bhujangasana (Cobra pose), Sirasana (Headstand pose), and Shalabhasana (Locust pose) etc.
But along with these above processes, you should take prescribed medicines in time. It is recommended that concern about your type of stroke and with consultation and acquiescence of doctor only you should proceed forward. 

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