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Fitness band- best fitness tracker

What is Fitness band?

Everyone is becoming more concerned about their health. With the introduction of smart watches, fitness trackers lead people more towards fitness. It able to helps people to track their activities. It includes tracking your heartbeat, walking steps, running, distance covered, even your location with high featured GPS. As technology has evolved a lot, new features have been introduced in the fitness bands. This creates confusion among people what to buy, which is the best fitness tracker among all, which fits their budget.

New Improvements in Fitness band

Fitness bands now coming with new upcoming technology like we can attend calls, check emails, messages notification, everything within a single tracker. It influences people with different android version, latest features. Fitness trackers can help in many other ways. It understands your overall health with its intact features. It helps you to track your steps if you’re walking enough steps every day to be healthy. It also tracks your sleeping hours, if you have slept well or not and also measures your constant heart rate. It measures progress toward your goals. If the results are not up to what you have decided, you can follow other ways to improve it – and the fitness tracker helps you to see how the numbers change over time. It will help you to figure out which strategy works or don’t work for you. It helps you to train in a more effective manner. If you’re trying to lose weight, a fitness tracker also shows you when your heart rate is in the ideal zone for exercise. This will helps you to get the most benefit out of your workouts.

Fitness trackers do not only monitor your daily activities and the sweat you produced during a workout. It actually does work beyond that. Along with monitoring your daily activity and sleep it also helps you to work on your diet. It allows you to track every food you take. For this, you need to install an app and link your fitness tracker with that app. It will also give you the calorie count that you are taking in a day. It will also suggest what should be the amount of calorie you should be taking in a day. For the actual tracking, you have to input it in the fitness tracker and it will calculate the number of calories that is left for the day you can consume. This will help you to know what amount of carbohydrates and other minerals you should be taking in order to remain fit and healthy. Most people don’t know what they should be eating and what amount they should take. This feature helps people who are willing to lose weight or who are athletes. This feature allows them to know their eating limits and make them healthy. It helps people to focus on their aim of losing weight. Also, encourages people to build new habits to become fit and to remain fit. And makes you aware of your current lifestyle, so that you can change it accordingly. People get influenced and change their daily activity routines, change their sleeping patterns and eating habits. Moreover, it helps people to analyze where they are going wrong in their routine, what changes can be done.

Using fitness trackers may results in behavioural changes, especially if you take the feedback in a serious way. When you start to focus on your wrong habits and make efforts to correct them, you can see new and improved results.  If you want to remain fit and healthy, you will focus more on your choice of food and hours of sleep, which will eventually help you to get desired energy, stamina and dream body. Fitness tracker continuously checks your daily activity, sleeping patterns, diet, and overall health. After receiving this information, it will be easy for you to make changes in your diet and to achieve management goals. This information influences you to help develop healthier habits in your daily routine.

Setting new goals

Some changes may include a change from your coffee breaks with an afternoon walk. It will remind you to eat healthy food that will affect your health in a good way. Some fitness trackers also alert you via notification or any message to move after an hour of inactivity or to drink water, which will help you to engage in more physical activities and result in creating healthier habits. As you get more comfortable with current goals, the tracker will set new updated goals for you and add more healthy habits to your routine. If you change your sleeping habits it will impact your overall health. It will indicate to you how much sleep you should take.

what is Fitness band
what is Fitness band
Apart from sleeping patterns and diet, it will track your heart rate that helps to manage your eating habit. It will help you to keep a check on your workouts. It will recommend to you how many steps you should take in a day to keep a perfect heart rate. If you are aware of the lack in your physical activities it will report you to move more in order to make physical movements in your routine. Nobody wants to be sick and obese. It helps to increase your accountability in order to choose your food wisely. It encourages you to track your activity from time to time in order to remain fit and healthy. It will improve your daily performance. You can do better at your job with full commitment. You will get better satisfactory results. It also motivates you to work out more and more. It creates a competitive environment for yourself; you want to be better than a day before. You try to improve your steps and control your diet and sleeping hours accordingly so that you will feel healthy and fit. If you don’t have enough money and time to work out in a gym and hire a personal trainer, you can save more by connecting to an activity tracker. The tracker will suggest a fitness routine that you can follow, so you do not have to research and ponder on what you should do and follow. Some activity trackers include a wide variety of trainer profiles that help you train with your desired workout intensity level.

Now we have a wide range of fitness trackers with high features to make people life easier. People get confused about what to buy and which tracker will fit into their budget that has all functionality. There are many trackers in the market with the same functionality but different rates. People should consider buying good fitness tracker as it will give you accurate results on which you can rely blindly. Some trackers will fit into the budget but may not provide you accurate results, so you should buy fitness tracers after good research that will suit to your needs. Some people want trackers with full functionality like with GPS enables, calls, messages, and email checking and much more that will cost much and may not fit your budget. We will now check some of the latest varieties of trackers that are now trending among people.
Here is why one must have fitness tracker to lose weight effectively
Why one must have fitness tracker 2019

Best fitness tracker

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Samsung comes with features as follows:

  1. 1.5-inch AMOLED
  2. Heart rate tracker: Yes
  3. Waterproof: Yes
  4. Activity tracking: Yes
  5. GPS: Yes, through phone
  6. Battery life: 3 days
  7. Compatibility: Android/iOS.

This fitness tracker works on Android. The Gear Fit 2 Pro has a new attractive design that looks good on your wrist with beautiful AMOLED display which lets you see all of your stats nice and clear. It is GPS enabled, so you can track your location. It also has a top-notch heart rate sensor that should give you the most accurate readings possible from a wrist-based tracker. In addition, it will track your swimming too. It has no alarm functionality. the barometer is also missing.

Apple watch series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 is an impressive fitness tracker. It has an influencing way to motivate people that have colourful rings reflecting your daily activity called “activity rings”. However, the great advantage of this fitness tracker is its wide range of app under app store that lets you download your favourite fitness apps to the watch and most of them are free. The Apple Watch also offers you useful smartwatch features that include NFC (near field communication) payments, music, and the feature to make phone calls, check emails and send texts without a phone, if you have the cellular version. It has an advanced feature for runners like cadence and pace alerts. It shows low and high heart rate. It has new electrical heart sensors.

Huawei Band 2 Pro

Comfort comes first then style. The smooth attractive design of the HUAWEI Band 2 Pro merges seamlessly with your wrist to empower you to take on any challenge in style. This elegant design combines stainless steel construction with aesthetics to bring you unstoppable performance with real style. You can explore further and deeper with high performance. HUAWEI Band 2 Pro has a waterproof design which can withstand water pressure of 5 ATM, it is capable withstand within moisture and rain and even a swim in the pool, which allows you to dive into becoming a better you. HUAWEI Band 2 Pro truly works impact fully when paired with a HUAWEI phone to make sure you never miss a beat, alarm, and message. You can leave your phone behind while keeping you connected to the phone and allows you to concentrate on your workout. You will never miss an important message. HUAWEI Band 2 Pro doesn't just provide you with accurate workout data records (heartbeat, pace, movement distance, speed, and direction). It works on versions Android 4.4+ / iOS 8.0+.

Moov Now

  1. Screen: No
  2. Heart rate tracker: No
  3. Waterproof: Yes
  4. Activity tracking: Yes
  5. GPS: Yes, through phone
  6. Battery life: Six months
  7. Compatibility: Android/iOS

It has great battery life with Light-weight limited features with no screen. The Moov Now is one of the favourite fitness bands in the world right now. The best part is the price, which justifies the quality and features it comes with. The band comes with six-month-long battery life. It has impressive sleep monitoring features. The lightweight fitness band also comes with rep-based training with a dedicated swimming feature. It tracks your steps and distance covered. It has no GPS feature but it fits into your budget.

Garmin Forerunner 30

With Garmin Forerunner 30, you can stay fit. Stay connected, and can track your progress. It has simple-to-use GPS running, this watch offers wrist-based heart rate tracking and VO2 max that helps you to monitor your fitness level. Forerunner 30 includes training tools such as Auto Pause, Auto Lap and pace/speed selection.  When paired with a compatible smartphone, your Forerunner 30 delivers basic smart notifications for calls and texts right to your wrist. You will also get automatic uploads to Garmin Connect so you can see your personalized data on graphs and share it on social media.

TomTom Spark 3

  1. Screen: Yes, Monochrome
  2. Heart rate tracker: Yes
  3. Waterproof: Yes
  4. Activity tracking: Yes
  5. GPS: Yes
  6. Battery life: Two weeks
  7. Compatibility: Android/iOS

It has phone-free music. It has GPS enabled navigation. It has an impressive maze-like menu system. It entertains you with mediocre sound quality. TomTom Spark 3 is the third best fitness watch. It has one of the most feature-rich out of the lot. You can upload and listen to music directly from the watch, without asking for help from your Smartphone. You just need to pair your watch with supported Bluetooth earphones and head out for a run. More impressive features include the GPS tracking, heart rate monitor and route navigation, which makes it a great wrist companion while discovering new places.

Fitbit Charge 2

  1. Screen: Yes
  2. Heart rate tracker: Yes
  3. Waterproof: No
  4. Activity tracking: Yes
  5. GPS: Yes, through phone
  6. Battery life: 4 days
  7. Compatibility: Android/iOS/Windows

It has a big screen. It has a comfortable strap. It shows limited phone notifications. The Fitbit Charge 2 is the best Fitbit tracker you can buy right now. It's more expensive than some of the other options from Fitbit, but if you're looking to go jogging this is a great choice that won't cost you as much as a traditional running watch. It connects with the GPS on your phone, has a large screen to display your data, a heart rate tracker and new fitness features we've only previously seen on the Fitbit Blaze. It may not be the cheapest device on the list, but this is the best Fitbit tracker money can buy.

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