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Symptoms of a Brain Stroke
Brain stroke is the condition that can occur on behalf of the age. All the people ageing from little ones to the older ones, everyone can have an impact on this condition in a lifetime. According to the lifestyle they design, the impact is different. A stroke is generally caused in the brain stopping a blood vessel to block and therefore resulting in the death of brain cells. When there is a blockage, the brain cells can cause severe loss of oxygen and slowly the brain cells die due to this reason. A stroke can be severe or normal. This depends on testing a person. The location of the stroke happened, the type of stroke occurred gives a brief analysis of the disease. It tells us the complications of the patient whether the effect is smaller one or it is a larger one. A stroke is one of the major cause for death in u.s.a. Also, the people who get attack might or might not recover from it. Treating a person immediately after observing the symptoms of a person secures him from serious complications.
Types of Brain Stroke
Types of Brain Stroke

Types of Brain Stroke

The stroke occurs usually in three types. Ischemic stroke is the first type. The blood vessels in this type of stroke are blocked and there is no way to flow of blood through the brain. In two ways, these arteries in the brain are blocked. One is a thrombotic way. In this way, cholesterol builds up in long run through the artery and will narrow up the space of the artery forming plaque. Due to the rupture of this plaque in the blood vessel, clot forms and creates a blockage of blood to the brain. Almost 87% of strokes are ischemic strokes. The second way this stroke can occur is an embolic way. The embolus is the fatty substance or a clot that travels through the body and settles in the blood vessel. This creates a stop for the blood flow to the brain. The other type of stroke is hemorrhagic. This type of stroke occurs when a blood vessel bursts and causes bleeding in the brain. The blood vessel in the brain causes severe complication and might lead to loss of brain cells. The other type of stroke is a transient ischemic stroke. This stroke can occur mild with the symptoms of the main stroke. This stroke occurs as the blood vessel stops receiving blood due to the sudden formation of a clot in the blood vessel of the brain. Even the clot formed anywhere inside the body and travelling through a blood vessel in the brain can also create TIA.

Symptoms of a transient ischemic Brain Stroke

The symptoms can include temporary loss of vision or double vision, numbness on one side of the body, weakness. The person can have a severe headache or sudden drooping on the face, paralysis of leg or arm, dizziness. He will lose balance and might cope up with speech problems. This condition does not stay long and will cure by itself. Transient ischemic stroke is called a mini-stroke and has symptoms similar to the main stroke. Moreover, they can enhance the chances of having a stroke. However, the person must be given medical treatment instantly as the symptoms might not stop or even lead to permanent complications. By formation of a clot in blood vessel carrying blood to the retina can cause vision problems along with TIA. Sensation problems, losing balance etc can occur due to TIA involving carotid artery. Bleeding the brain tissue or arterial spasm can lead to TIA. Resolving a stroke might take a lifetime and sometimes we can not regain complete functioning of the body. But TIA can solve by itself and temporary. But, in order to prevent future strokes and complications, medical treatment is prerequisite.
Symptoms of a Brain Stroke
Symptoms of a Brain Stroke

Symptoms of a Brain Stroke

To identify a stroke, there exist no warning signs. However, hypertension is a very dangerous factor that might cause a stroke. The transient ischemic stroke is the stroke that occurs and disappears within 24 hours. During a stroke, the person might feel sudden numbness on one side of the body, losing balance and incapable of holding. Losing consciousness and confusion. The person might have vision loss and speech problems. Swallowing problems also develop through patients. The patients feel sudden facial droop, arms and legs on one side in functioning. Ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke has the same symptoms. Whereas hemorrhagic patients also complain about headaches and vomiting. Usually, according to the part of the body the stroke attacks, it stops functioning. If stroke attacks brains, the symptoms persist on the left or right side. If the stroke is on the spinal cord, the symptoms might effect on both sides. The patient can have a tingling sensation. He might suffer vertigo, gait disturbances. Lightheadedness, muscle stiffness, nausea, overactive reflexes are few more symptoms of a person

It is important to take the f.a.s.t test. F represents facial symptoms whether the patient has any drifting when smiling or unable to smile normally.  A - represents arms. Observe the arms whether he is able to up and down the arms normally or numbness on one side or paralysis on one side of the body. S - represents a speech test. Whether the person is capable of producing one simple sentence. If he is incapable of speaking he is immediate, t - represents time. 

As soon as the person sees the above symptoms, you are supposed to take the patient in an emergency. Due to the blockage of a blood vessel or due to leakage, the blood vessel experience lack of oxygen and this result in the death of brain tissue. If this occurs lifelong disabilities will appear. Medication must be given within 4. Hours in order to dissolve the blood clot and make blood flow in the brain. Within this time, it is vital to treat the patient and make the blood cells alive

Unique symptoms for women for Brain Stroke

Women are the most individuals that die due to stroke compared to men mainly in the U.S.A.  along with the common symptoms, the women report to experience, which is not similar to common symptoms. They might experience difficult to breathe or shortness of breath, confusion, general weakness. Along with these, the women have reported other symptoms like sudden behavioural changes, agitation, nausea or vomiting and hallucination. Fainting or losing consciousness, hiccups, and pain also occur for women during strokes. Moreover, they suffer from seizures during this condition.

It is tough to identify these unique symptoms. The symptoms are different from the most common symptoms. As the symptoms are difficult to identify, stroke is less likely to identify. Hence treating is quite complicated compared to common ones. If the patient is given treatment within 3 hours of symptoms occur, the stroke can be avoided without long term complications.

Unique symptoms for youngsters and children

The stroke can influence at any age. Even the children, infants or newborn might get an attack. The baby in mother womb can also get a stroke. It is one of the most dangerous condition as it leads to death in children.

If the newborn or children are suffering from this condition it is very difficult to recognise. As they cannot communicate, the symptoms are critical to recognise. Using f.a.s.ttest that was used to identify symptoms on adults, the same way we recognise for children. However, the unique symptoms one can recognise in children and teens are an extreme headache, dizziness, loss of balance. They might suffer from severe sleepiness and vomiting.  If the stroke attacks a newborn or infants, the unique symptoms one might observe are severe sleepiness, unable to use another side of the body,  seizures etc.

Risk factors of Brain Stroke

Some of the risk factors that lead to stroke consist of diabetes. High sugar levels will definitely lead to a stroke. It is important to keep checking up the sugar levels and taking medication according to it.

Overweight can also lead to many problems and maintain the weight of the body makes your body strong and protect from many serious complications. Maintain the body without going overweight with unhealthy food. Another risk factor might include age and race. Age has a drastic impact on a person. Even though the small children have a chance of suffering from the condition, the chances get an increase as your age grows.  The race is another important thing as if you are African American the chances of the disease might increase. Hereditary is the next most f factor of influencing stroke. Maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily to reduce the impact of stroke. Hardening of arteries due to cholesterol substances built over the blood vessel. This creates a narrow space and blocks the way to flow blood to the brain. High cholesterol levels must be maintained along with blood sugar levels. Atrial fibrillation is one of the major factors causing a stroke.

Diagnosis of stroke can involve taking the patient immediately to the hospital and diagnosing the patient. The doctor will observe the part to which stroke happened and the type of stroke occurred. This actually requires a ct scan as it tells the ischemic stroke or it is a hemorrhagic stroke. When the scan is complete according to the type of stroke the doctor suggests the medication. whether it is to resolve blood clot and allow blood flow or to solve the bleeding and stop it. For ischemic stroke, thrombolytic therapy using tissue plasminogen activator can be a choice. Tpa actually resolves the clot present in a blood vessel and this TPA must be given within a time frame of 3 hours for most of the patients. Some patients have this time frame prolonging up to 4 1/2 hours. Between this time frame, the patient or the people must need to identify the symptoms of stroke, call 911, talk to the doctor and take the scan to find out the type of stroke. Later on, tpa must be given according to the need. If it is a hemorrhagic stroke, tpa must not be given as this might worsen the bleeding and might even lead to death. So knowing the type of stroke before giving tpa is the primary thing in treating a stroke.

Prevention of the condition can include maintaining high sugar levels, hypertension. The weight must be monitored regularly. Being overweight is the dangerous and worst part thing of your body. Do exercise according to the advice of the guide. He might prepare you physically strong by making you physically active. He will give strength training and holding weights will kick boost to your muscles. Not only your body loses weight but enhances the metabolism rate. Smoking is another enemy for your body. Nicotine present in cigarette and tobacco can build substances that can cause eventually cause stroke and even heart attacks. Doctors will prescribe you certain medication to control the sugar levels. Moreover, if you have a TIA, then it is most likely that a stroke can occur again. The health care professional takes care of your medication to prevent the stroke from again occurring in the future. Daily take fruits and vegetables in your diet. Dairy products, whole grain cereals also adds up nutritional values to your diet. Do not try to eat junk foods. They add extra calories that are unnecessary for your body. Keep watching calories in your food.

In some conditions even if we take care of food and exercise, some other factors might affect that we can not control.  Example: race. Depending on the part of u.s.a you belong, the impact of stroke attack occurs. Another uncontrollable factor is ancestral history. If your grandmother, or father, or grandmother or some others relating your family has the attack of strokes before, the strokes might reach you through hereditary. Another main factor you can not control is age. As your age goes up, one might have serious complications of strokes. Ageing is the ongoing process in our body. One can not regulate it or stop it. As age goes on, our body is well prone to attack strokes. So maintenance of healthy lifestyle for the elder ones is a must

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