Top 5 Healthiest Countries in the World to Live and Why 2019


Why Health Matters

It’s a saying “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. Health is the first basic need for everyone. Health is a very important factor in our life. Our health depends on many factors surrounding us, factors such as environment, our eating habits, our routine, working schedule etc. Being healthy does not only mean to be physically fit it also indicates our mental health. You should maintain a good relationship between a healthy mind and a body, without this relationship you cannot archive happiness or complete success in your life. As the lifestyle of the modern era has been changed dramatically in recent years and we have been neglecting our health and diets. Eating healthy is the key to remain fit. With the growth in varieties of food, it is lacking that quality that is essential for a body.

Health is everything

A famous quote “Health is Wealth” that influences us to focus on the importance of health in our lives. There are several benefits of a healthy body and mind. Healthy people tend to live much longer than an unhealthy person. If you’re healthy and fit you will not be attracted to any diseases, aches, pain, and discomforts. The Healthy body will be able to perform well and leads you to be recognized as a valuable member of a healthy society.  A physically fit will also reflect on your personality and makes you look attractive and makes you more confident about yourself! Our diets and routines are major factors that impact on your health.  What we eat reflect on our body, eating healthy food will make our body strong. Eating junk food causes a lot of damages to your body and can cause obesity.  A lot of people only eat processed food or readymade items which are very harmful to your body. Obesity can be a root cause problem for various diseases.  Only in America, 30%  of adults are obese.

Cancer, heart diseases, strokes or paralysis, and arthritis are the most common examples of an unhealthy body. People tend to suffer from these diseases and are very common nowadays. These chronic diseases are mainly due to increased weight and obesity.  Busy daily life routine and long working hours are diverting people away to have a physical workout. Daily exercise is very necessary for good health.

Habits and lifestyle

Smoking and drinking are few another major factors of illness and early deaths. For a healthy life, you should consider eating organic and homemade food and a lot of fresh fruits in our eating schedule and try to avoid junk food as much as you can. Staying healthy is important for the proper growth of your mind and body. Healthy nutrition will make your body strong and fit and keeps you away from the signs of any diseases. You should include nutritious food in your diet and exercise regularly that will help to relax your body. Stay away from unhealthy habits like smoking, eating junk and heavy drinking. It is also essential to keep the mind healthy by nurturing inner thoughts and proper stress management.

People tend to adopt many changes in their routine to stay healthy. Proper workout and yoga are one of the best ways to be healthy. It energizes the body and calms the soul and gives a definition to your body. It helps in aiming at your goal. A healthy body has a focused mind. With the increasing rate of getting sicker, doctors are taking leverage of the situation and charging a lot. People are getting afraid of the fact and result in taking insurances that do not fit into everyone’s pocket. Insurance depends on country to country. There are many countries that focus on the health of their country people. Public cleanliness is becoming a major concern for individual health. Therefore, we must ensure that we collect and clear the garbage regularly as much as possible. We should contact an agency who is responsible for clearing the drains. People are now focusing more on well being of the people. The organization is also providing free annual checkups to all their colleagues. As they know the fact if their employees are healthy they will grow strong. A workplace is a place for you to examine the importance of your health. As an employee, you have to focus on your work to showcase your abilities. Sometimes competition and workload really stress you out and increase mental pressure. To overcome these overloading and stressful tasks you need to have a sound, healthy and relax mind. If you’re healthy then your body and mind will not have to worry about work pressure and mental stress and it helps you to handle these burdens with a positive attitude. This positive enthusiasm influences you to focus on your achievements and keeps you away for any negativity.

What are the top 5 healthiest countries?

Top 5 Healthiest Countries in the World to Live and Why 2019? Countries have come up as the healthiest one among all the nations in the world. We will discuss what services they offer in order to maintain a healthy life of people. What options and healthcare programs they are running for the well being of all people within the country.

According to Bloomberg rankings, some top 5 healthiest countries are -
  1. Singapore
  2. Luxembourg
  3. Japan
  4. Switzerland
  5. Qatar

The Bloomberg ranking has considered many factors in order to provide the list.

  1. Singapore
  2. Singapore has a world-class healthcare system in the world that has been reviewed as a model by the Obama administrator’s team. In today date, Singapore has more than 22 hospitals. Healthcare system in Singapore includes both public and private healthcare facilities that offer high quality of medicine that provides a different level of service and comfort. Different healthcare plans, insurance, and medical benefits vary largely depending typically on the immigration status and the employer. Singapore citizens and permanent residents are all entitled to subsidized government healthcare services through mandatory national savings scheme whereas foreigners who hold various work passes get their health coverage either through their employer or they have to purchase it privately on their own. It is not mandatory for every employer in Singapore to provide all kind of healthcare insurance benefits. As it is normal, the larger the company, the higher the probability that the company offers some kind of health insurance benefits to its staff. An employee can opt for different insurance plans that their company offers them. Government healthcare facilities are generally designed to provide pre-planned healthcare services to local citizens. These facilities include a number of government hospitals for inpatient services and outpatient services. Although completely owned by the government, the public sector hospitals are operated as private limited companies. Government healthcare facilities in Singapore not only provide excellent healthcare services to all but also handle the most complicated cases in comparison from other hospitals and neighbouring countries. It includes a list of major public hospitals and centres of the country. Government healthcare system also sets the benchmark for the private sector for professional medical standards and fees.

    Specifically, the government focuses mostly on long-term trends such as the supply of hospital beds, including high-tech/high-cost medicine. Charges in public health services are covered by the government while in the private hospitals and clinics, people have to pay the amount charged by the hospitals and doctors on a fee-for-service basis. Depending on various factors, the amount of subsidy of government programs can range from 50% to 80%. Further help in co-paying the balance amount of the medical bill is enabled through a mandatory savings scheme called Central Providence Fund (CPF). Depending on some factors such as age and income, a small percentage of the monthly salary of an employee is contributed to the CPF.

  3. Luxembourg
  4. Luxembourg, with an estimated population of 502,000 has the best state-funded healthcare system in Europe. This system focuses on three principles- compulsory health insurance, free choice of provider and fixed price provider compliance. Luxembourg's healthcare system is publicly financed through social healthcare insurance. All employees have to contribute to an average 5.44 per cent of their gross income to the Caisse de Maladie, this amount is directly deducted from their salaries and half of that is paid by the employer. Total healthcare expenditure approximately estimated to an amount of 6.2 per cent of GDP, that represents one of the lowest shares in Europe with 86 per cent of the total health expenses. 99 per cent of the total population is covered under the state healthcare system. Private healthcare is also available and about 75 per cent of the population purchases additional health insurance coverage, which is mostly paid. Services that are categorized as nonessential under the compulsory schemes are sometimes provided by non-profit agencies called mutuelles, which also have an alliance with the Ministry of Social Security. However, there are no private hospitals in Luxembourg, all the hospitals and healthcare programs are state run by the Caisse de Maladie and people must have a referral from the doctor for admission to this hospital unless it is an emergency. All case of emergency is provided at large hospitals and is free, even if you have no insurance. Long-term care is also financed through a separate insurance program called assurance dependence.

  5. Japan
  6. Japan has universal public healthcare: it’s a legal requirement for all Japanese citizens to have the health insurance provided by the state. This coverage is quite thorough and entitles people to choose their own clinics and hospitals from any of the vast majority that is part of the system. The traditional Japanese diet almost similar to a traditional Chinese diet, with rice, cooked and spiced vegetables, fish and meat being basic choices. However, Japan is a group of islands (all 6,582 of them) its citizens consume a lot more fish as compared to other Asian countries. They also prefer raw fish in sushi and sahimi, in addition to a lot of pickled, fermented and smoked foods. They consume soybeans, mainly in the form of tofu or fresh edamame that is another key part of the Japanese diet, along with other beans. These are a high source of protein. It is good for health. Importantly fermented foods support a healthy digestive system. Fermented soybean products like miso and natto the staple food of the Japanese diet. It helps in digestion and keeps them healthy and fit. Natto is commonly consumed at breakfast and has a probiotic action that helps to reduce IBS and may help in preventing blood clotting. The Japanese also consume a large variety of vegetables, both land and sea vegetables such as seaweed, which contains health-boosting minerals, and also helps to reduce blood pressure. Fruit is often consumed in breakfast or as a dessert, especially Fuji apples, tangerines and persimmons which contains healthy fibers. The Japanese are also big fans of green tea and commonly matcha tea and is very popular among them. Matcha is a ground powdered green tea and is highly valued for its high antioxidant components known as catechins that help in fighting cancer, viruses, and heart disease.

  7. Switzerland
  8. Switzerland is a health-friendly nation and has a major focus on a healthy environment. The Swiss spent a huge amount of money on organic produce which may basically include vegetables, fruit, and eggs, and small percent of all Swiss farms had been recognized with the organic symbol. Switzerland has the highest proportion of usable land handed over to organic farming in Europe including Australia. Unhygienic hormones and adding antibiotics to animal food are both strictly prohibited and all food that contains genetically modified ingredients have been labeled with the words ‘genetically modified’ written on the packaging. Switzerland has become the first country that has banned battery running farming in the world.

  9. Qatar
  10. Qatar has a mixed cuisine of local Arab, Indian, North Indian, and Iran. Due to its harsh climate, it mainly relies on food imports. It has local production of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cereals etc. Demand in organic food has been increased since last year. Some items like the pink salt, organic apple cider vinegar, and free range eggs, considered to have plenty of health benefits and are also in high demand. Despite the price of these items being higher than ordinary table salt and vinegar still, people will continue to buy these products as they are good for the potential health benefits.

Top 5 Healthiest Countries

Infographc of Healthiest Countries

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