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Fitness is the condition under which an individual is certified as fit or unfit through different processes.
Fitness have a variety of types
Such as :
  1. Physical fitness – deals with the health of the body.
  2. Mental fitness – deals with the mental health of the mind.
  3. Spiritual fitness – deals with both mind & fitness
  4. Biological fitness – depends & deals with the biological factors
  5. Social fitness – the well being in the social phenomenon e.g. showing traits of socialising with others.
  6. Emotional fitness – the ability to gain control over the emotions in mental status.



The ability to perform sports, extra curricular activities, daily chores  & is mostly concerned about the physical wellbeing of the body.

How to achieve physical fitness?

  1. Proper Nutrition
  2. Exercises
  3. Running
  4. Cardio
  5. Aerobics
  6. Yoga
  7. Meditation
  8. Sufficient intake of food 
  9. Following a proper diet
  10. Going on walks

Few are the most effective ways to achieve physical fitness that not only contributes in a better health but also maintains a better lifestyle.

Types of physical fitness

There are 4 types into which physical fitness can be classified according to the mode of training
  1. Cardiovascular 
  2. Aerobics exercises
  3. Anaerobic exercises
  4. Joint flexibility

After knowing the types
The first & foremost question that strikes to our mind is –

What are the following essential components which fosters the fitness when it’s physical?

  1. Stamina
  2. Strength
  3. Power 
  4. Speed
  5. Coordination
  6. Flexibility
  7. Agility
  8. Accuracy
  9. Balance
  10. Respiratory endurance etc.

In 2016
The most searched topic on notable website's were –

How to built a physical fit body?

In answer to this respective query we can say  by taking fitness seriously,
  1. Wear comfortable clothes through which your body can breathe & sweat
  2. Start going for running, walking or Jogging.
  3. Intake of proper food
  4. Consulting a nutritionist for a diet plan
  5. Regular excersing.e.t.c can further help to achieve the goal.

Importance of physical fitness

What is the need of fitness in our daily lifestyle?

  1. Increases metabolism
  2. Speeds up the heart rate & blood pressure saturation
  3. Reduces risk of any injury for future
  4. Relieves from stress or tension
  5. Refreshes the mood 
  6. Better digestion
  7. Better sleep
  8. Leads to an active health
  9. Expands lifespan
  10. Improvises the quality of life.


Mental fitness is the ability to function & perform in a state of stability & have an established control over the mind. It accounts with the fitness of the mind & well being of subjects related to it.


  1. Practising any physical fitness activity or activities for at least 30 minutes every day
  2. Reading about new things
  3. Once a famous scholar said “Reading mind is what exercise to body “Means the physical fitness that the body possesses throughout. In simplest words, reading does fit the mental health concerned with the mind.
  4. Taking out some time for relaxation

  1. Development of intellect.
Components of MENTAL FITNESS

1.Positive emotions  :
The process of having a mindset with a positive outlook towards life is called positive emotion.
Positivity + Emotional control = positive emotion.
For a successful person,
Staying positive all the time is a big thing to keep in mind & do accordingly.
2.Ability to regulate the negative emotions out of mind  -
Negative emotions sets nothing but a drawback in gradual growth procedure.
It serves as an obstacle for success in life.
With a negative mindset one have to face a lot of problems in life
Like –
  • Jealousy
  • Interiority
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Tension
  • Pressure
  • Unnatural unfitness 
  • Troubled
It leads to Depression & also severe sickness.
So it is very important to regulate the negative emotions out of mind & focus for the good.
3.Self awareness :
Awareness is a important factor for any healthcare
As we say “Prevention is better than cure”
Here, awareness serves as the Prevention from the problem.
4.Self understanding
Unless one person can understand itself
Nobody can be understood by him.
To compete in the world with others & in order to cope up with constantly changing situation one must adapt & develop self understanding ability.
Self understanding leads to great transformations
Such as :
•Knowing of self worth
•Self confidence
•Self care
•Development of personality
•Progress in attitude
•Common wellbeing
5.Ability to feel confident – Confidence is the most important aspect which we adapt through experiences.
It is also said that –
A confident person is like a man of the match.
6.Ability to direct – Dictatorship or leadership comes under the ability to direct.
This can only be possible when a person is able to
•Manage the situation
•Speak on any topic with accuracy
•Can dictate to followings
•Responsible to take the charge
7.Building positive relationships
Development of relationship comes under social fitness which accounts on getting along with people we come across.
8.Financial control
•Takes place when proper balance + management takes place
9.Financial literacy
For a person who have no financial literacy can never perform operations concerned with financial accounts in life.
10.Caring ability
Development of emotions
Caring ability needs to have a flourished positive mindset & attitude.
It comes under emotional fitness
11.Ability to modify – Creative mindset + ability of modification in individuals leads to this process of mental improvisation.
12.Development of skills for academic success  -
•Look for opportunities
•Ability to grab what’s better etc.

Here are the process through which mental health passes through

One needs to -
For proper development of the stated above processes.


The fitness concerned with the spirit or soul is called spiritual fitness.

Features :

  1. It can’t be seen
  2. Depends on feeling
  3. Development of thinking process
  4. Sheer ability to make a decision
  5. Strengthens the set of principles – Ethics,laws,motives.etc
  6. Set of a target
  7. Relaxation to the body & mind
  8. Calmness to the mind

How can someone achieve Spiritual fitness?

  1. Travel
  2. Adding yoga in daily life
  3. Exercising
  4. Looking out for deeper meaning in life
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Self control
  7. Exploring the spiritual core through Meditation
  8. Gain mental fitness
  9. Feeling of presence of spiritual energy


The process of fitness which concerns about how many reproductions an individual can have for a lifetime is known as biological fitness.
It accounts on finding a mate, undergoing fusion & reproducing offspring’s due to the completion of the process.
Fusion of male X female = reproduction / production

In this process, the ability to the reproduction in a healthy manner depends upon biological fitness of the individual.
For example - Large elephant seal males have greater biological fitness than smaller ones. Not only are they more likely to survive to reproductive age because their size helps them get food, claim territory, and evade predators, they also produce the most offspring because they dominate over other males in fights for the females.
(Source – Natgeo.in)

Biological fitness is also called “DARWIAN”


In 2015,
It was said that – one individual is relatively stronger than the other as it can produce more offspring’s which clearly states the fact that
  1. Biological fitness is a “Relative Measure”
  2. Survival of the fittest – In a book it concluded about “survival of the fittest”, fitness is quite a prominent idea in the popular perception of evolution. ... This created a mess in understanding because “fitness” has a different meaning in evolutionary biology than it does in general usage


The ability of building and maintaining healthy connections with others. It hold an essential role in supporting optimal performance and resilience. It is said –
For  a person who is a warrior have to be socially fit grows trusted and valued relationships with family, friends and fellow service members.

Features of  social fitness

  1. Getting along with others
  2. Development of interpersonal & personal relationship
  3. Balancing of relationship
  4. Understanding & reacting ability
  5. Development of professional relationship
  6. Ability to differentiate between professional & personal relationship
  7. Ability to help others
  8. Enhancement of positive attitude in behaviour
  9. Attending social gatherings
  10. Development of skills to socialise.


  1. A person must make new bonding & relationships.
  2. He/she must maintain the slightest line between a personal & professional relationship
  3. Must learn to balance between the two
  4. Must learn to develop new traits through socialising with others


  1. Creates a social binding
  2. Helps to get along
  3. Lets opportunities to ask for help
  4. Provides scopes of relationship
  5. Helps in developing mental health

Emotional fitness

The ability to adapt to any circumstance emotionally. It means that it is individual who's controlling their own emotions.

Development of emotional fitness

Development in children –

From baby to adulthood :
  1. 2. a. From Birth To 6 Months
  2. 2. b. From 6 Months To 1 Year Of Age
  3. 2. c. From 1 Year To 2 Years
  4. 2. d. From 2 Years To 3 Years
  5. 2. e. From 3 Years To 4 Years
  6. 2. f. From 4 Years To 6 Years
  7. 2. g. From 7 Years To 12 Years
  8. 2. h. From 12 Years To 20 Years


  1. Proper mindset
  2. Proper diet
  3. Exercising
  4. Practising hobby/hobbies
  5. Balance the dignity between mind & health

Connection between social and emotional health

Social and emotional learning (SEL) is increasingly recognized as playing a critical role in the promotion of positive mental health and the prevention of mental health disorders among children and youth.
  1. A key focus of SEL is to promote positive development through the fostering of social and emotional skills that form the foundation of mental well-being and success in life. The skill to understand & manage different types of emotions and behaviour’s, solving different types of personal and interpersonal problems, building healthy strategies and successively development of self-esteem and confidence, help children to get through difficult situations and building of a positive relationship.
  2. It increases silence for better so that the individual is able to deal with life’s challenges.
  3. While most SEL programs and activities focus on developing skills in individuals, they have also been shown to be effective in helping to create safe and caring school climates.
  4. The classrooms where few factors like- Being compassionate, respectful and supportive is valued and expected.
  5. The kind of environment designed to promote the mental well-being of all students, and support the needs of children at risk.
  6. Mental health is not a static state that exists only within a child, but is also influenced by the interactions between the child and his or her environment. Thus, integrating SEL into teaching practices will not only enhance social and emotional skills in the individual child but will also help to create safe and supportive environments.
  7. The children are able to sense a feeling that : They are from a group. Which reduces the stigma of mental health difficulties, and encourage help-seeking when children need it, promoting mental well-being in all children.
There are many ways to exercise along with many healthy foods you can eat to help stay fit and active. One must take up fitness seriously & focus oneself-self-development a better tomorrow.

Without fitness

  1. One will suffer bad health & several diseases occurring in the body.
  2. There will be zero transformation in the body
  3. Amount of fat burning will eventually slowdown lowering the rate of better healthy conditions 
  4. No amount of inducement will be produced in the body eventually weight balance & mental health will be disturbed as a result

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