Prevention and Regular Checkup Strategies for Brain Cancer

Prevention and Regular Checkup Strategies for Brain Cancer
An Overview of Brain Cancer
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Our brain is the most vital and yet a complex organ in our body. There are many severe problems that can affect one's brain and a major problem is of tumors. Though the exact cause of tumors is still unknown, below are enlisted a few factors that may contribute to the cause. 
  • Age factor 
  • Genetic condition
  • Radiation
  • HIV infection
  • Smoking
  • Toxins from the environment such as being in direct contact with harmful chemicals
 The patients suffering from brain tumor have an expected survival rate of about nine months. So, there are very few patients who undergo the treatment process and surgery. There are 5 t0 10 percent cases where it has been noticed that cancer is hereditary. One must instead switch to a healthy lifestyle to avoid such risks.
One was detected with brain cancer, one has to undergo multiple surgeries and radiations. Cancer is actually the abnormal growth of the brain cells and that may develop in other organs and spread through the bloodstream. Brain tumors are not necessarily cancerous but a mass of cells. The two types of tumors are :
  • Benign tumor – not cancerous 
  • Malignant tumor – aggressively growing cancer cells. They invade the healthy tissue and thereby disrupt its functioning. 
These tumors increase intracranial pressure. They develop from gliomas, meningiomas, pituitary adenomas, vestibular schwannoma, and such brain tissues. Grade III glioma is an aggressive tumor and Grade I tumor is benign while Grade II, III and IV are malignant. The doctors who specialize in neuro-oncology are considered as specialists for brain cancer. 

What Are the Symptoms of Brain Cancer?

What Are the Symptoms of Brain Cancer?
Also read : What Are the Symptoms of Brain Cancer?

How exercise and a healthy diet can benefit one's body?

When one comes across such conditions, they must get tested. Tests such as CT-scan, X-ray, PET test etc are conducted along with routine laboratory tests. It includes liver function tests, analysis of blood, electrolytes and blood clotting. Some may have an MRI scan. The presence of a tumor can be detected by CT or MRI scan.
The main types of treatment involve chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. A few patients do undergo craniotomy where their skull is opened to treat cancer. They are treated with levetiracetam, carbamazepine or phenytoin to alleviate or inhibit seizures. The doctors may prescribe, in some cases, targeted drug therapy to kill brain cancer cells. 
When a person is suffering from brain cancer, proper care must be taken. They should be supported well by their family and friends. 
Though an early diagnosis and treatment can reduce the risk. 

What are Brain cancer prevention measures? 

Brain cancer prevention measures
An adequate amount of sleep
As it is being said, a sound mind is in a sound body. To maintain this balance, one must take enough sleep. It is important that the mind and body are relaxed. The lymphatic system in the body removes the toxicity from the body. But when one is deprived of sleep, the functioning of the lymphatic system gets hindered. 
Sleeping helps in restoring the damaged cells and restore the tissues. One must take about 6 to 8 hours of sleep regularly. 

Stay away from electronic devices that emit radiations

The electronic devices emit radiations that can cause harm in the long term. The most common among them is the mobile phone. They elevate the risk of the brain tumor and can cause abnormal cell growth. One must try to stay away as much as possible to avoid the radiation. 
The children must be kept away as long as possible form mobile devices. One can use speakerphone. Don't sleep with your phone placed near the head or under the pillow. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

To reduce the chances of brain cancer, Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is being given at a young age. This can improve the cognitive function of the body and heal the neural tissues. It also reverses the damage caused to the cells and boosts the formation of new blood vessels and stabilizes blood glucose and contributes to reconstruct the nerve damage.

Take a minimal amount of calories

One must reduce the calorie intake and follow a proper diet. It may include the ketogenic diet and fasting. This prevents the cancer metastasis and produces ketones to fuel neurons. Also, it inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Try to avoid consumption of trans fats such as fried food, cookies, muffins, cakes, and such food items. 

Ketogenic Diet

Ketones act like an energy source to the neurons, so the consumption of ketogenic diet is beneficial. The healthy cells can metabolize ketones while the brain tumors cannot. So it is important to have a proper diet with an adequate amount of healthy fats, low carbohydrates, and proteins that boosts the production of ketone. It also reduces malignant cell growth. Thus, it reduces the risks of tumors. 

Use Frankincense Essential Oil

Due to brain tumors, there is an inflammation and swelling in the brain. According to a study, when the patients were given frankincense extract, they had reduced swelling and fluid accumulation.
Basically, frankincense oil helps to alleviate the inflammation in the brain. One may practice stress reduction techniques such as breathing, meditation, and yoga. It is used as a major component for the treatment of asthma, arthritis and such inflammatory issues. 

Consumption of Phytonutrients 

One must take in proper nutrients that help in fighting the tumors. Due to cancer treatment. The body is under toxic effects and natural remedies are required. It is recommended to consume green leafy vegetables, ginger, oregano, basil, thyme, turmeric, green tea and more that have cancer-fighting nutrients. 

Avoid consumption of tobacco 

Smoking or consuming tobacco in any way is dangerous to health. It is an important factor while dealing with cancer. 

Switching a healthy diet 

One must consume plenty of fruits and vegetables such as oranges, apples, pineapples, bell peppers, broccoli, spinach, carrots, sprouts, beans etc that provide sufficient nutrients to fight through tumors. You can consume food having omega 3 fatty acids such as linseed oil, fish, lean meat, flaxseed and walnuts that inhibit cancer. Garlic contains an anti-cancer substance that can help. Consume food that is rich in antioxidants. These also boost immunity. Let your diet be filled with nutritious salad. Try to have a balance in body weight too. 

To keep a regular check on the diet, you may design a specific diet plan as follows :

  • Have fresh fruits, nuts and whole grain for breakfast. You may have low sugar cereal. 
  • Have a salad for lunch including beans, peas, avocado, lettuce, tomato and other veggies for lunch. You may even have a whole grain sandwich with the veggies. 
  • Consume celery, cucumber, peppers in hummus or an apple or banana for a snack.
  • For dinner, have fresh veggies to pasta or rice. You may include potato with salsa or topped with other veggies.
  • Also, include food having a high content of fiber. Try to eat raw fruits and vegetables. If not, try consuming steamed food with fewer spices. 
  • Before using any of the fruits and vegetables, wash them properly. Use spices such as ginger, rosemary, basil, garlic and curry powder that fight cancer. One may even use them in soups. 
  • Do not cook on high heat. Avoid eating stale food. Aim to meet nutritional needs. 
  • Avoid getting in contact with radiation and toxic chemicals, One working near a nuclear reactor is at high risk as the nuclear reactors emit radiation that can cause brain cancer. Some other types of chemicals are formaldehyde used by pathologists, vinyl chloride used in chemical industries and acrylonitrile. Limit your exposure to radiation. Wear sunscreen and keep your head covered if you are exposed to the sun for a long time. This can help prevent ultraviolet radiation to harm your brain cells.

Therapeutic radiation can cause brain cancer

According to an association in America, exposure to therapeutic radiation can cause brain cancer in children.  
  1. Get regular check-ups: Get your body check up done at least once in a month. If you notice any of the above symptoms to be persistent, visit your doctor. Bring in the notice of your doctor, if there have been any abnormal symptoms. It is beneficial to detect brain cancer in the early stage and treat it. 
  2. Exercise: It is important to exercise regularly. This helps to maintain the body and mind balance. Aim to do cardiovascular exercises as they minimize the risk of brain cancer. Set particular goals such as to walk for about 5 miles, doing cardio training, running for 20 minutes, swimming for an hour and more. Indulge in physical activities which also helps to reduce stress and leads to a healthy life. 
  3. Avoid alcohol consumption: Regular consumption of alcohol increases health risks and lead to cancer. It may cause the formation of malignant tumor in the brain and spread through the body. The metastic brain tumors spread through the bloodstream and cause excessive harm. 
  4. Consume filtered water: There are several areas that still have hard water containing toxic chemicals and suspected of carcinogens. So, it is suggested to filter the tap water before use. According to a study, home filtered water is safer than water in packaged bottles. This is because plastic bottles may release BPA. Try to filter and store water in stainless steel vessel or glass. 
  5. Consumption of caffeine: According to a study, it was proven that people who consume more caffeine are at a lower risk of being detected with brain cancer. It is a potent protector.
  6. Drink gallons of water: It is important to drink gallons of water. Water helps to remove the toxic chemicals from the body and keep it clean. It dilutes cancer-causing agents and flushes them out of the body. It has been suggested by the American Cancer Society to drink at least 8 cups of water a day.  
  7. Consume whole grains: It is better to have whole grain foods that contain fiber and help the body fight through the cancerous cells. 
  8. Consume less of red meat : It has been proven that red meat increases the health risk and can lead to cancer. It involves bacon, hotdogs, pepperoni, sausages, and salami.  
  9. Get vaccinated : It is important to prevent viral infection in order to lower the risk of cancer. Take vaccines for Hepatitis B and HPV - Human Papilloma Virus. It has been recommended to give HPV vaccine to children of 11 and 12 years.
  10. Avoid risky involvements : Try not to share needles. Be careful that the needles being used are sterilized well.
Cancer cannot be eradicated and there can be no guarantees about its cure yet. But it is believed that it can be reduced and the survival rate can be optimized. Also, there are various experiments conducted and researches are being done to find the best possible solution to cure brain cancer. So it is better to stay healthy and fit to minimize the risks. 
Regular health check-up is required. It is important to get tested. Even the smallest of the symptoms matter. Cancer detected at an early stage can help to treat and remove it completely. But if it is detected late, the survival chances reduce. Exercise daily and drink lots of water. Consume healthy food with sufficient nutrients. Avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Reduce the consumption of processed meat. Maintain a healthy weight and indulge in physical activities. Try to stay in the shade as much as possible and cover the exposed areas.
Brain cancer can be treated by stereotactic radiosurgery and other radiation therapy. There are grades of brain cancer that indicate it's aggressiveness and chances of cure. Grade I brain cancer can be cured but for others, it requires a long time. Also, the patient's medical condition matters and the stage indicates how fast it can spread. Live a healthy lifestyle.
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