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Maintaining a diet rich in necessary nutrients is essential to stay healthy. However, sometimes the food that we consume lag behind in this aspect. This need led to the development of food supplements. They are also known as dietary supplements. The goal of these supplements is to deliver nutrients that are not present enough in our diet. These supplements may be manufactured in the form of a pill, capsule, tablet or liquid. Supplements extract nutrients from food sources to increase our quantity of consumption. Food supplements may include vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber and fatty acids. Containing plant pigments or polyphenols, they also have a beneficial biological effect. Animals are also a source of ingredients for supplement. Examples include collagen from chicken or fish. Ingredients for supplements may also be separately sold or in combined form. In most countries, supplements are considered as a subset of foods and regulated as such. Strict rules are thus, imposed to help ensure safety of food supplements.

Why there is boom for the supplement industry?

The supplement industry has seen an ever increasing growth in the past years. The main reasons for this increased boom for the supplement industry are-
  1. Increased malnutrition and micro-nutrient deficiency in the world. 
  2. Better affordability of supplements than other medications. 
  3. Changing lifestyle and diet patterns of the working class population. 
  4. Ever increasing awareness about nutrition due to tech development. 
  5. Availability of ingredients throughout the world. 
What are the Types of food supplements?

What are the Types of food supplements?

Food supplements can be classified into various types based on the ingredients present. These types aloith a brief description and uses are below-

1. Calcium supplements: -

Calcium is an essential mineral for our bones and teeth. Moreover, calcium is also needed by the heart and nerves. Lack of calcium in our body causes muscle cramps, osteoporosis, rickets and osteomalacia. It also helps prevent hyperparathyroidism, PMS and improves bone development in babies. This mineral is used to reduce risks of strokes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Studies have shown calcium in being effective for the following-
(a) Calcium carbonate is taken as an antacid to help relieve indigestion.
(b) Calcium gluconate helps reverse heart problems due to hyperkalemia.
(c) Hypocalcemia is prevented using calcium.
(d) Calcium carbonate or acetate is also used to treat kidney failure.
(e) Osteoporosis and hyperparathyroidism are also treated using calcium.

2. Creatine supplements: -

Creatine is an organic compound found in vertebrates. It helps in recycling of ATP, the energy currency of the body. The primary use of creatine is as a backup phosphate donor. By doing so, it acts as a secondary fuel for energy. This mineral also acts as a buffer to neutralize acidity in muscles. Vegans or people who rarely eat meat benefit from creatine consumption.

3. Vitamin C supplements: -

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. Some animals have the ability to create vitamin C on their own. Humans, however, must get this vitamin from external sources. This vitamin may also be made in the laboratory. The effectiveness of vitamin C are as follow-
(a) Vitamin C deficiency diseases like scurvy are prevented using these supplements.
(b) Vitamin C rich diet helps reduce lead in blood.
(c) Vitamin C is helpful in lowering blood pressure levels.
(d) Vitamin C supplements reduce symptoms related to osteoarthritis.

4. Supplements containing St. John's Wort: -

St. John's wort is a herb used to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia and appetite loss. Other uses of products of this herb is to help treat PMS, ADHD, OCD and SAD. However, these products might have some serious reactions with certain drugs. Evidence suggests that it speeds up breakdown of birth control pills and antidepressants. Thus, many countries are currently underway to impose strict rules in using this. It is advisable to consume these products after proper prescriptions from yoctor.

5. Chromium supplements: -

Chromium is an essential trace element mineral. This implies that only trace amounts are required by the body. There exists two forms of this mineral: trivalent and hexavalent chromium. The first form is present in foods and supplements. However, the second one is a toxin. It may cause skin problems and lung cancer. Effectiveness of this mineral is as follows-
(a) Chromium picolinate helps in treatment of diabetes.
(b) Chromium supplements are also used to prevent depression.
(c) Chromium also helps regulate high blood cholesterol levels.
(d) People also use chromium supplements for body conditioning.
(e) Chromium supplements are also used by people to improve athletic performance.
(f) These supplements are also used to increase energy and dsing body fat.

6. Fish Oil supplements: -

Fish oil is obtained either by eating fish or taking supplements. It has earned the name "brain food" as people consume fish oil products to treat mental disorders. Products containing this fish oil have the following uses-
(a) Fish oil products help lower high triglyceride levels in our body.
(b) These products also help to prevent heart related diseases.
(c) Fish oil products also help in lowering high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
(d) People use fish oil supplements to help with depression and ADHD.
(e) These supplements also help reduce weight loss and increase exercise performance.
(f) These supplements help improve muscle strength.
(g) They helieve muscle soreness too.

7. Zinc supplements: -

Zinc is another essential trace element mineral. This means that the body only requires trace amounts of this mineral. However, as the body doesn't store zinc, it needs to be consumed regularly. Decreased zinc consumption results hampers the functioning of testes and ovaries. It may also result in short stature and inability to taste properly. The products containing zinc have the following uses-
(a) Zinc supplements help prevent zinc deficiency diseases like diarrhea and stunted growth.
(b) These supplements also help in boosting our immune system.
(c) Zinc supplements also help prevent night blindness.
(d) Zinc supplements also improve symptoms of Wilson's disease.
(e) Athletes consume zinc supplements to improve athletic pmance and strength.

8. Casein-Whey Protein supplements: -

Casein and whey are both milk proteins. Both of these help promote a positive nitrogen balance in bodybuilders. Whey is a fast acting protein while casein is a slow acting protein both delivering amino acids. Rapid delivery of amino acids favors increased protein synthesis. The protein casein also prevents excess breakdown of protein. Besides, these formulations have little to no lactose. Moreover, whey contains cysteine which detoxifies the liver. Various uses of these protein supplements are as follows-
(a) These supplements help to build new muscle tissue.
(b) They are also used to promote lean muscle growth.
(c) People use these supplements after a workout to repair broken-down muscle fibers.
(d) During muscle recovery, casein helps in restoring the nitrogen balance.
(e) These supplements also help prevent overeating by curbing appetite.
(f) Casein also helps in regulating blood pressure and sugar levels.
(g) Studies also suggest that casein helps in lowering triglyceride levels.
(h) These supplements also have antibacterial and immune benefits.
(i) They are used by individuals for weight loss too.
(j) Casein pr powder also has antioxidant effects.

9. Magnesium supplements: -

Magnesium is the mineral needed for maintaining normal bone structure. People get their magnesium from food or supplements. These supplements help maintain magnesium levels in the body. Magnesium deficiency is not uncommon in people, especially elders. Low levels cause diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes and strokes. It is thus, advisable to maintain the necessary levels through diet or supplements. The various uses of the supplements of magnesium are as follows-
(a) Magnesium acts as a laxative for constipation.
(b) It also acts as an antacid and prevents indigestion.
(c) Magnesium supplements help in overcoming magnesium deficiency conditions. These include diarrhea, liver disorders and kidney disorders.
(d) Magnesium also helps with anxiety, ADHD and other mental conditions.
(e) Athletes use magnesium suents to increase their energy and endurance.

10. Echinacea supplements: -

Echinacea is an herb found in the United States, as well as in Canada and Europe. This herb is used to make medicine from its leaves, flower, and root. Traditional herbal remedies by the Great Plains Indian tribes used echinacea. Settlers followed this example to use echinacea for medicinal purposes. Products of echinacea come in tablets, juice and tea. The various uses of echinacea supplements are as follows-
(a) Echinacea products help prevent symptoms of common cold.
(b) People also use these products to help with anxiety and ADHD.
(c) People also uese supplements to help improve exercise performance.

11. Selenium supplements: -

Selenium is mineral used by the body to make processes work correctly. Selenium is mainly received by the body from our diet. But, it may just not be enough in some cases. Supplements containing this mineral fill this gap. The various uses of selenium supplements are as follows-
(a) Selenium supplements prevent disorders related to selenium deficiency.
(b) Selenium is used in treating a condition called Hashimoto's thyroiditis.
(c) Selenium supplements help maintain blood cholesterol levels.
(d) Selenium helps prevent blood infections like sepsis./> (e) Selenium supplements also help during mood disorders.

12. Melatonin supplements: -

Melatonin is a natural hormone of the human body. It is made in the laboratory to use as supplements. These are available in pill form. This hormone adjusts the body's internal clock. The various uses of melatonin supplements are as follows-
(a) Melatonin supplements helps improve sleep disorders in people.
(b) These supplements are also taken by people with delayed sleep phase syndrome.
(c) Taking these supplements helps people with sleep-wake cycle disturbances.
(d) Melatonin helps lower blood pressure levels.
(e) Melatonin also helps in the treatment of nia.
(f) This also finds use in the treatment of jet lag issues.

13. Ginkgo supplements: -

Ginkgo is a tree native to Asia. Now, it's grown in Europe and the US too. Supplements of ginkgo have the following uses-
(a) Research shows that ginkgo reduces symptoms of anxiety.
(b) Ginkgo supplements help improve memory and attention.
(c) Ginkgo extracts reduce symptoms of dementia.
(d) Ginkgo helps improve sight when damaged due to diabetes.
(e) These products helps relieve leg pain due to poor blood flow.
(f) Taking ginkgo supplements helps reduce symptoms of vertigo and dizziness.
(g) Taking ginkgo also helps reduce symptoms ofzophrenia.
(h) Ginkgo supplements ease symptoms of PMS.

14. Co-enzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10) supplements: -

CoQ-10 substance is vitamin-like and is found in the body. It is consumed through meats, seafood and supplements. Co-enzyme Q-10 is also made in the laboratory to be used as medicine. These supplements have the following uses-
(a) CoQ-10 supplements helps improve symptoms of CoQ-10 deficiency like weakness and fatigue.
(b) These supplements also helps improve symptoms of mitochondrial disorders.
(c) Age-related vision disorders are also treated with CoQ-10.
(d) People also take CoQ-10 supplements to improve their immune system.
(e) People also use CoQ-10 supplements to prevent headachbr /> (f) Individuals improve their physical performance using these supplements too.

15. Valerian supplements: -

Valerian is a herb whose roots make the medicine used. The various uses for Valerian supplements are as follows-
(a) They help people with anxiety.
(b) Valerian supplements also help treat insomnia.
(c) They alsoove symptoms of depression.
(d) These supplements also help lower pressure under stress.

16. Garlic supplements: -

Garlic is a common herb grown throughout the world. The uses of garlic supplements are as follows-
(a) Garlic powder supplements help treat artery hardening.
(b) Garlic helps reduce blood pressure.
(c) Garlic helps reduce blood cholesterol.
(d) Garlic also helps deal with chest pain.
(e) Garlic helps tr eat fever and coughs.
(f)ic also helps treat headaches and stomach aches.
(g) Garlic supplements help relieve joint pain.

17. Ginger supplements: -

Ginger is a plant whose roots are consumed. It is native to Asia but grown everywhere. The various uses of ginger supplements are below-
(a) It helps treat nausea and vomiting.
(b) Ginger also helps treat morning sickness.
(c) Ginger helps reduce pain in peopleering from osteoarthritis.
(d) Taking ginger helps reduce symptoms of vertigo.
(e) Ginger also helps with motion sickness.
(f) Ginger supplements help relieve joint pain.

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