Best food supplements for women, men, bodybuilders and elders

Good health is something that everyone desires. Everyone wants a healthy and fit body. For this, many of us do heavy workouts, morning walks and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
One important part of this healthy lifestyle is our food. A healthy and balanced diet is pretty much essential for us to be fit and fine. But there is one thing we need to understand. With the passage of time, harmful ingredients in our food have risen considerably. So has the pollution in the environment. The fertility of soil has decreased. Due to which, the amount of nutrients in food has dropped dramatically.
In 1996; 20 kg of apple contained 1000 milligrams of vitamin C. Today 100 kg contains the same amount of vitamin C. Or, you can consume one C 1000 tablet. This is why we need food supplements.
Food supplements refer to add vitamins and other nutrients available in the form of drinks, tablets, powders etc. These are taken in order to fulfil the nutrient requirements of the body and maintain good health. As the name suggests these are supplements to our food. Even a healthy diet food we consume simply doesn't have the same nutrient it did, say 50 years ago. And that's the reason you need to take supplements. The changed scenario has bought some health challenges with it. Staying healthy in the modern world seems to be complicated. Because even if you eat a healthy diet it can be difficult to get the recommended amount of multiple nutrients. Now, knowing the necessity of supplements how do you know which products to choose. There are literally hundreds of health products in the market. When you look out, there is so much stuff in the market that it becomes quite complicated to choose the best food supplement that suits your body. To begin with, food supplement requirements for different age groups and gender are different. You also have to take into consideration your medical problems or any medications you might already take. If you are already taking any medications make sure to consult your doctor before starting with any of the supplement. Because in that case medicines and the supplement should not interact which might cause complications. Although the requirements are different for different age groups and gender, there are certain supplements which are common for everyone. Here is a list of such supplements.
  1. Multivitamin: This is a basic essential nutrient. A good quality Multivitamin is essential. It seems impractical to eat a diet balanced enough to get all the nutrients that are found in a good multivitamin. So, it becomes more important to include a good multivitamin in your diet when your eating habits are not good. What we mean by good multivitamin is that vitamin which is made from whole fruits and vegetables, not synthetically. It would be even better for organic one.
  2. Omega 3: Omega 3s give protection against heart diseases, eye degeneration and Alzheimer's. They are helpful to fight stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps to prevent acne and wrinkles. Generally, 250-500 mg of omega 3s along with EPA and DHA is recommended as there is no standard for how much you require.
  3. Vitamin D: Vitamin D helps to develop healthy bones. It also plays an important role in the formation of sex hormones. Also, it decreases the chances of cancer, depression and diabetes. The good news is vitamin D is free, we get it from sunlight. But the bad news is no one has time to spare for sunlight in this busy world. Moreover, the risk of UV rays is always there. In such a case, vitamin D supplements are the best to fulfil your nutrient requirements.
  4. L- Theanine: This is another supplement which helps to tackle the problem of anxiety and depression. L- Theanine is actually an amino acid which is found in green and black tea. It has a calming effect on the brain and relieves mental stress.
  5. Probiotics: There are several good and bad bacteria in your gut. And your gut affects your immunity, digestive system and overall health. Probiotics nourish the good bacteria supply of your gut. And these bacteria help to enhance immunity, balance mood, help the gut problem and also prevent long term diseases. It is advisable to take these probiotics on an empty stomach of half an hour before a meal.
  6. Collagen: The diet of a vegetarian (or vegan) misses out an essential nutrient called collagen. So it should be taken as a supplement. It strengthens joints and muscles and provides flexibility to the body. It is very good for liver health and healthy nails and teeth.
  7. Antioxidants: If you consume microwave meal frequently then adding an antioxidant supplement is essential. Polyphenols, beta carotene, selenium, vitamin C and E and flavonoids are some of the antioxidants. You can use them to prevent diseases and degeneration, strengthen immunity and keep your skin young. Whole food blends like green foods powder with fruits and berries are recommended. Or you can also go for a supplement containing organic fruit and vegetable blend.
  8. Mushrooms: These are proven to boost immunity, mental stamina and energy. Nutrient dense mushroom formulas are great to support memory, mental focus, concentration, and brain nerve cell health.

Apart from this, there are some supplements which cater to different needs of people. Here is a list of them.

Best food supplements for teenagers

Being a teenager is difficult, you are in the phase of becoming an adult and there are so many changes taking place inside your body. The right type of supplement is necessary for adolescents. Because wrong choices can effect your hormonal balance.
Here are some food supplements which you can go for if you are in your teens.
  1. Calcium: This one is essential because bones are developing in teen years. You can even look for a formula which contains other bone building nutrients like vitamin D.
  2. Iron : This is a crucial requirement for adolescent girls.
  3. Probiotics : As mentioned earlier, it helps to maintain good gut health.
  4. Omega 3 fatty acids : These supplement helps to improve concentration, balances mood and improves the behaviour.

Best food supplements for teen athletes

Taking general sports supplements which are taken by adults is not advisable for teen athletes. This is because they are still in their growing age. If essential, you should consult your doctor and then take safe supplements.
Here are some which you can consider :
  1. Creatine: It increases stamina, builds up muscles by replenishing ATP. Vegans are generally found lagging in this nutrient. So this one is especially advised for them. But do not take high doses as it can also affect the functioning of the kidney.
  2. Amino acids: These get depleted quickly during workouts but are not replenished as quickly. As they are the building blocks of proteins, these help in muscle repair and decrease muscle damage.
  3. Recovery drinks : Many children go for caffeine and stimulants in order to boost energy and alertness. But these are not suitable for kids. Instead, you should look for drinks which contain carbs, vitamins, electrolytes, amino acids and minerals.

Best food supplements for women

The body of a woman requires special care. Some nutrients are particularly required for their reproductive system.
  1. Probiotics: They are a great booster for your gut health.
  2. Iron : According to NIH recommendations, women ageing 19- 50 years are recommended to consume 18 mg of iron a day. During menstruation, women lose iron. Iron is essential for their cellular growth, development and functioning.
  3. Calcium : Women are expected to consume more calcium than men. It is required I order to maintain strong bones and muscles.
  4. Magnesium: It is crucial for regulating blood pressure, heart rhythm and hormone secretion.
  5. Vitamin B : Vitamin B is very crucial in the diet of women as they regulate red blood cells and also the formation of nervous functions.
  6. Omega 3 fish oils :To prevent cancer and maintain a healthy heart, eyes and brain; omega 3 fish oils are highly recommended.

Best food supplements for men

Following are some food supplements which are recommended for men:
  1. Multivitamin: This is the supplement that contains most of the necessary nutrients required for proper functioning of your body.
  2. Probiotics: These are actually a must have for everyone. Not only they maintain gut health but also improve oral health and prevent common cold also.
  3. Vitamin C : Vitamin C is essential for the immune system. Normally, male adults need 90 mg of vitamin C a day.
  4. CoQ10 : This is an antioxidant which makes our cells function properly. It is believed to be beneficial for cardiovascular health but presently there are no FDA recommendations for this one.

Best food supplements for bodybuilders

Following are some supplements to build a better body.
  1. Vitamin C : It is very crucial as it provides antioxidant protection, helping your immune system and your skin.
  2. Omega 3 :  This one is an essential fatty acid. It works very well for cardiovascular and overall health.
  3. L- arginine: This helps in blood circulation and elasticity of veins.
  4. ZMA : This contains zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6 supplement. It helps you get a good sleep and in the recovery.
  5. Multivitamin : This is a very basic essential nutrient which is very important. A whole food multivitamin should be included in your diet if you are looking forward to building a good body.

Best food supplements for the elderly

If you are above the age of 60, the following are some dietary supplements which you need for good health.
  1. Zinc: Most elderly do not get enough zinc in their diet. Poor appetite and slow wound healing are the symptoms of zinc deficiency. This mineral helps to maintain immunity in elderly persons.
  2. Calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium: Calcium is very crucial to prevent osteoporosis and also for normal blood clotting and muscle function. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium better so it is advisable to take both of them collectively. Magnesium can be taken to reduce the constipating effect of calcium.


If you are the one who does not consume a nutritious and balanced diet, then supplements can help you to get the required amount of nutrients. It has been proven by scientific researches that food supplements are beneficial for our health. But food supplements are a supplement to our food and not a substitute for it.

Also, you should never consume any dietary supplement blindly. You must not experiment on your body with these supplements. Always consult with your doctor before consuming these supplements.

Safety and risks

When it comes to dietary supplements you require some thoughts in terms of what brands to take and in that case you might want to consult a physician. Supplements bought from special vitamin stores or the vitamin shops are safer than those available online. While it is no harm in buying online products, you have to make sure that the sources are trusted. When taken without prescription these supplements can cause side effects too, so always do your research well on what your body actually requires, if you are not visiting a doctor. Some supplements may work well for some persons but the same might not work that well for you. The reason being the difference in food habits.

Also, make sure that you do not consume any nutrient in excessive amount as it can be harmful. For example, an excess of iron in the body can damage the liver and cause nausea and vomiting.

Simple quick tips to follow before starting food supplement

  1. Make sure you are not on any medication.
  2. First, consult with your dietician.
  3. Do your research well regarding your body requirement of dietary supplement.
  4. Check the ingredients. Make sure it doesn't contain anything which is allergic for you.
  5. Food supplement are not substituted with food, so intake should be healthy and proper.

Infographic on Best food supplements

Infographic on Best food supplements
Infographic on Best food supplements

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