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An Overview of Brain Cancer

An Overview of Brain Cancer

A tumor usually is a mass of cancerous or noncancerous. The abnormal cells begin to grow rapidly in the brain then originate itself in the brain and cause brain cancer. They also spread one part to another in the body. Those who have cancer, the tumor tend to rapidly grow, well those who do not have cancer then it grows slowly. It is curable, so people may be cured of tumors. But it is specific for particular cases. Even sometimes tumors are more dangerous than cancer because sometimes the tumors grow fast and it also leads to death.

There are many symptoms of brain cancer e.g seizures, headache at an excess level, sleepy and week mind, loss of memory. What causes or what not, it is not clear but for to recover early you should get a diagnosis as soon as it is possible because it is the best way, if you want to optimize you're overcome.
And it became very serious and a big problem in today's world because as we all know the American doctor said that, there are around or more than 700,000 people in America are living with a brain tumor.
And it is noticed that around 16,000 American people may die just because of the brain tumor.
Nowadays, many adults are prone to brain tumors. But it is not understood that what is the actual cause of brain tumor. However, doctors said that the abnormal changes in normal brain cells will result in brain tumors.
In the human body, normal cells grow and function generally. Usually, it is based on what each cell's DNA contains the information regarding it. Even spinal and brain tumors both occur due to some certain changes in DNA cells. DNA is gene making chemical, which has full control over our body cells function. Normally, babies look like their parents because of the source DNA. But it affects more than our look.
When our cells begin to grow and divide into new cells and then they due, all these cells have some genes control.

Oncogenes genes are the genes that help in growing the cells and divide that into new cells.
Tumor suppressor genes are genes that help controlling the cell division. Also at the right time they make the cells die.

Some certain changes of DNA can cause cancers that can easily turn on the oncogenes tumors or suppress genes to turn off. These certain changes in genes may be inherited from a parent, but it happens most probably during the lifetime of a person.

Inherited gene changes

Many doctors said that some basic inherited syndromes which are caused by gene change just like e.g. tuberous sclerosis, Hippel Lindau syndrome, neurofibromatosis and Li Fraumeni syndrome. Even the chances of developing spinal cord tumor and brain tumor increases by this. For example Changes in the TP53 tumor, suppressor gene can be caused by Li Fraumeni syndrome. Normally this gene is very helpful in preventing the cells with damaged DNA, which are growing rapidly. Brain tumor (particularly gliomas),  is developed due to some changes in the gene increase, even some other cancers too will develop due to the same cause. Gene changes occur during the lifetime of a person.

Still, it is a question that why people develop brain or spinal cord tumors without their inherited syndromes. Most often, DNA damage because of the cause of cancer. For example, If you smoke or take tobacco then it is the biggest risk factor for developing lung cancer and several other cancers too. Because the chemicals it contains, damage the genes from the inside cells. But the brain does not get affected by eating tobacco, smoking and any other chemicals that cause cancers, that we may eat or breathe. So these things are not causes for brain cancer.

Some different changes usually occur in genes before they become cancerous in normal cells. There are many kinds of tumors in the brain. They have different sets of gene change in each of them. Different brain tumor types have found multiple gene changes. But still there many others, that have to be found

Researchers have recently estimated some of the gene changes that occur in various types of brain tumors. but it’s still not clear what causes most of these changes. Some changes in genes might  happen inside a cell, without having an external factor involved or an outside cause.

Risks and causes of brain tumors

Most brain tumors and spinal cord tumors are not the results of some other unknown inherited syndromes. Excluding radiation, no other known environmental or lifestyle-related factors are linked to reasons or causes of brain tumors. Most gene changes are mostly just random events.

There are many reasons that may increase the more risk of developing brain cancer, but we do not know what actually causes they are.
There are different risk factors of every cancer, and your risk factors depend upon anything which increases the disease.
If you have any risk factors, it does not mean  that you are actually developing a brain tumor.

What causes brain cancer?

Primary brain tumors are caused by brain tissue of different types, namely glial cells, astrocytes and other brain cell types. Whereas metastatic brain cancer is mainly caused due to the spread of cancer cells from a different body organ to the brain. However, the change of normal cells to cancer-causing cells in both the primary and metastatic brain tumors are not properly or fully understood. People with larger risk factors involved in their life are more likely to develop brain cancer.

The study suggests that individuals having risk factors involved in their job or daily lives such as workers at oil refineries, or handlers of jet fuels or corrosive chemicals such as benzene, or rubber industry workers, show higher rates of brain cancer as compared to the general population. Some families witness a lot of people having cancer. This arises a possible threat of cancer due to genetics, but heredity(genetic passage of traits arrived at children from parents) as a cause for a brain tumor has not been proven till date. Some other respective reasons for brain cancers are other risk factors such as smoking, radiation exposure and viral infection (such as HIV) have been suggested but not proved to cause brain cancer. There is still no evidence about the cause of brain cancer being head trauma or use of cell phones, it is also unknown whether it is contagious or not. It is also claimed in many lay press and web articles that aspartame which is an artificial sweetener, causes bring cancer. The FDA however clearly states that it does not cause brain cancer and it is shown over data as their base findings on over 100 toxicological and clinical studies regarding the sweetener's safety.

Cancer controversies

Most ideas that relate to the stories about potential causes often trending in the media are not well supported by evidence. There might be some things still which are not included here, because there is no clear evidence about them and they are less clear.

Brain cancer risk factors

The risk factors for brain cancers vary widely due to various reasons. As the cause of brain cancer itself is still largely unknown. Although some environmental factors and genetic condition may contribute to the development of brain cancer, the risk factors are themselves less defined as compared to other cancers in the body for brain cancer. The risk of developing primary brain cancer is also quite low. As the American Cancer Society has estimated that the risk of developing brain cancer over a lifetime is less than 1 per cent.

One aspect which is important to remember is that the brain cancer risk factors only affect the probability of developing brain cancer over a lifetime. For instance, if you have received radiation therapy to treat other cancer or if you are prone to the chemicals which are potentially cancerous due to working in an industry or any other reason. It may be essential for you to discuss with your doctor regarding your individual risk of developing brain cancer.

cause of brain tumor or brain cancer

The cause of brain tumor or brain cancer is hence not definite, though some factors which may affect the risk are known which include:
  1. Gender: Certain cancers, like meningiomas are more likely to develop in women, the ratio reaches to as big as twice likely. While other cancer types such as meningiomas are more frequently found in males.
  2. Age: Age is a major factor that affects the risk of cancer. The frequency of brain cancer increases with age. More occurrences are witnessed in individuals between the age range of 65 and older. The age as a factor influencing the probability of cancer varies depending upon the cell types and location of the tumor. Adults have a very low risk of developing medulloblastomas, while other types like gliomas are much common in adults over the age of 50, but yet the possibility of cancer tumors occurrence at other ages don't fall to null, which means that they may occur at any age.
  3. Compromised immune system: Immune system plays a vital role in the risk of being affected not just by cancer, but any other disease. People with compromised immune systems have an undoubtedly higher risk of developing lymphomas of the brain and hence brain cancer.
  4. Genetic links: Sometimes family history may affect the likelihood of developing some chronic diseases like the Von Hippel-Lindau disease, Neurofibromatosis(NF1 and NF2) and Li-Fraumeni syndrome which are some inherited conditions that have found in many families with a rare brain tumor. Other than this, there is no prompt evidence about the spread of brain cancer through genetics or due to blood and family relations.
  5. Chemical exposure: Exposure to certain chemicals or solvents are linked to increased risk of developing brain cancer. Studies, observations and statistics have contributed to evidence that shows higher risks of developing brain tumors in individuals working in oil refining, drug manufacturing and rubber manufacturing.
  6. Previous radiation treatment: Exposure to radiation therapy, even for the treatment of other cancer, but particularly at a young age, may increase the likelihood of developing brain cancer.


If you feel that you have any symptoms that show a brain tumor, then the primary step is to consult your doctor. After a physical test, the doctor examines your eyes and neurologically too. For that, you should undergo specialized diagnostic test

It will involve:

  • Imagine tests: If you feel that, you are facing neurological symptoms, then you should have an imagining test of the brain, it may include a CT scan or an MRI. After this test, you will know what problem you are facing either a brain tumor, or multiple sclerosis, stroke, or an infection in the brain, because all of these may have similar symptoms. You should have IV (intravenous) contrast, if you have a brain tumor, it has fluid which may help outline tumors.
  • Biopsy:  If your image test shows any concerning mass, then definitely you should go for a biopsy, it a surgical method, which removes the tissues under a microscope for examination, and it is performed by a pathologist. A biopsy is not a small procedure for a brain tumor and, sometimes it is possible that with the help of biopsy neurosurgeon can remove the whole tumor at the same time. A biopsy can easily identify the cell origin, and it will determine what kind of brain tumor you have. With the help of biopsy, it can be determined that the whole tumor can be removed or not.
If any of us henceforth are diagnosed with a brain tumor, realize that it’s a very grave danger, but curable. As many people are cured of such tumors when diagnosed early and those who are not, usually show improvements after surgery. Self-care is equally important as rest, treatment of this disease can cause you exhausted and confused. But there are many tumor survivors, who are cured and get back to enjoying life. So be positive and understand the treatment process is challenging but achievable.
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